Thursday, March 26, 2009

A hot dog in the airport

Copenhagen! I have lived and visited many cities around the world. London is amazing as is New York. Melbourne - with the lovely suburb of St Kilda where you can watch the penguins - is fantastic as well. New Orleans is rough but at the same time a place where you always want to return once you have been there - especially for Mardi Gras.

But Copenhagen is still one of my absolute favourites. Therefore I feel very priveliged that I am a citizen of it. From today I will share a photo of Copenhagen every day - or at least I will do my very best.

This photo is from Kastrup Airport. I took it when I arrived the other day after having spent a year abroad. One of the first things you see when travelling to Copenhagen is Steff's Place in the baggage claiming area. Make sure you buy a hot dog there...


  1. Thank you for this true insider's tip! I hope to visit one day and I will remember this for sure.
    Hey, welcome to the CDPB family and I hope you have fun showing us your view of Copenhagen.
    Seattle Daily Poto

  2. Thanks. Hope you will enjoy the hot dog when you get the chance. I am looking forward to share Copenhagen with you all.