Friday, December 18, 2009

Formula 1 in Copenhagen

This is not a Formula 1 track, but just some temporary barriers outside a hotel in Bredgade. Very un-Danish, but that is how it looks outside most hotels these days. Guess the COP15 VIP's do want to be easy targets.


  1. Isn't it too bad it has to be this way?

  2. Sad to see, having gone to school in Copenhagen and knowing its beauty and how peaceful the Danes are. On the other hand, welcome to our world (New York). We live with the bullseye on our heads 24/7/365. We don't like it either.

    So next time we Americans ask the Danes to participate in a terrorist cult (i.e. Islam) beatdown in a far away land, I hope this helps you all understand why and you will convince your legislators to send them gladly.

    The members of the terrorist cult must learn what the Germans/Nazi's and Imperial Japanese learned 65 years ago - change your ways and thinking or perish.

  3. @ Don and Krise: Yes it is.

    @ photodudeimages: I was of the impression that the bullseye when it comes to terrorims is in Kabul or Bagdad. But what do I know? And I guess you are aware that Denmark is one of USA's closest allies in its war on terror, with soldiers in Afghanistan and (until recently) in Iraq as well.