Thursday, February 11, 2010


No, we haven't had a sudden change of weather. Still freezing temperatures and snow around. I just thought it was about time to dig out a shot from last summer. This is from Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square).

The black building in the background they actually started to tear down today, to make place for a new Metro station.


  1. Who is the three-legged girl in the foreground?

  2. I find it amusing that a lot of European bloggers, after showing lots of pictures with snow, long for the warmer days. Won't be too long now, Hans. Hang in there. Great shot of a great square.

  3. Squares like this seem to be much more common abroad then here. I think they're great myself, and I think I was ready for a warmer photo too.

  4. @ anonymous: You are right. There is a three-legged girl. You see them all over the place... :)

    @ Bill: Summer is nice, but we shouldn't under estimate the value of a cold winter with lots of snow.

    @ Don and Krise: We have a few of these squares in Copenhagen. This one is the largest though.