Saturday, April 11, 2009

Small cars

Cars in Copenhagen are generally small :)


  1. Cute car. I think it is true that cars across Europe are smaller than in the U.S. When gas prices rise, car sizes drop and vice versa. In our area, massive trucks and SUVs are the norm.


  2. When gasoline cost $4.09 a US Gallon people were trying to sell their large SUVs, pickup trucks and big cars like Buick, Hummer and Chrysler. Some people did sell and bought small cars. Then gasoline prices dropped below $2.00 a US Gallon and now there are some who are buying the big pickup trucks again. It never ends.

    I watched a program on television today about bubble cars -- some with three wheels that got over 50 miles per gallon. seemed remarkable to me. They looked a lot like the photograph of your car today.