Sunday, June 7, 2009

Performing the democratic duty

People lining up to perform their democratic duty at today's EU election. I really like elections. There is a special sense of personal influence in the room, with all the people waiting to cast their vote.

1 hour before the polling stations close, it looks like a record participation around 50 %. That is actually quite high for an EU election in Denmark. But still, 50 % isn't really that much and even a bit disapointing I think. At the elections for the national Danish parlament the participation is usually between 85 % and 90 %. That is democracy at it its best!


  1. It's interesting where we are today. My parents went to the local polling place to cast their votes, usually a school. I on the other hand have never left my home to vote. Mine is mail in.

  2. Fun to see your election in Kobenhavn! Common to have elections in schools and churches like here? Give us the results when they're final. Nice snap! Hilsen fra Hagen

  3. You were allowed to take pictures at the polls? I worked for elections several times and photo taking is not permitted.

  4. The turnout was 59 %. Pollingstations are usually at schools or other public institutions.

    WO: I don't know if you are allowed to take pictures. I didn't ask...