Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dreaming of London

Today’s post is a tribute to Fresh Eyes on London, which is one of my favourite blogs about my absolute favourite city in the world. Sometimes I even think it is better than Copenhagen… But if you get the chance – visit both places.

For the last week Fresh Eyes on London have been running a small competition, based on a compilation of London photos and three essential questions: Who, what and where? Check out this link to see the photo and read about the competition.

Big Ben is the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster where the Parliament is sitting. That is probably why Winston Churchill is watching. The last time the clock had an unscheduled stop was in the summer of 2005, where it remained still for about 90 minutes due to very hot weather. Maybe we will see more of that with the global warming taking off.

London Eye is the name of the massive wheel sitting on the South Bank - just across the Thames from Big Ben actually. It used to be the Millennium Wheel, as it opened for the new millennium – or at least that was the plan. But due to massive technical difficulties it didn’t open until March 2000. I was living in London back then, and I managed to try it out. It was definitely worth the waiting. Some may say that the name of this blog has been inspired by the wheel. It might be – who knows?

Covent Garden Piazza is a cosy square in London’s West End. Actually it is so cosy that you cannot cross it without encountering heaps of buskers and entertainers. Every time I visit Covent Garden Piazza I make sure that I also make it around the corner to Long Acre – a small quiet alley – and visit the lovely bookshop called Stanfords. It is brimming with maps of places all over the world and travel books about the same places. And I am sure you can bring the coffee that you have bought down at Covent Garden Piazza.

Wouldn't it be great to take a trip to London? And especially with the possibility of travelling futher on smoothly and environmentally friendly to Brussels - another great European city.

The photo of today is the Wheel of Copenhagen. Perfect for today, I think.

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  1. I took a couple of shots of that wheel as well. I wanted to get on that but I didn't have the change. Next time maybe.