Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pusher Street

Christiania - or Freetown Christiania - is a self proclaimed autonomous neighboorhood in Copenhagen. It was claimed in 1971 and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. However if you wanna visit it you better get started. These years the government is trying to 'normalise' the area - whatever that means.

The photo shows the entrance with Pusher Street in the background.


  1. They probably want to get rid of all the junkies and dope-heads?

  2. I visited in 2007 but couldn't take any photos unfortunately.

  3. How big it's the place? It means a nice place.
    I like your photo blog.
    If you have some time why don't visit my photo blog from Funchal city, in Madeira island, in Portugal
    Paulo Camacho

  4. @ Steffe: Well, you are probably right, though I doubt that they will 'get rid' of them anyway.

    @ WO: I took this photo from the outside, as I didn't want to be too disturbing with my camera.

    @ Paulo: It is actually quite big, and 850 people live there. I am glad you like my blog.