Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dead swan

This is truly a sad story. This swan is dead. And as you may see from the photo its death has not been caused by natural reasons. Bridges are crossing the lakes in Copenhagen and above these bridges are electricity cables. Even though they have been marked with very visible flags, it still happens that birds hit them by accident. That is what happened for this swan. It flew straight in to the cable, and crashed to the ground... dead! Very sad.

Luckily it wasn't the mum or dad from the little swan family I saw the other day. I have checked. They are doing fine :)


  1. *cries* I hope there's a proper burial for this poor swan.

  2. How sad. They are beautiful creatures aren't they?

  3. It is so sad ... wildlife doesn't stand much of a chance when man takes over their world. Poor thing!

    Good to know that the little swan family is doing well ... and thanks for the update!

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