Saturday, May 2, 2009


Wonder what this little girl is looking for? Maybe she is checking whether her flight is leaving on time. We will never now, but at least we are at Copenhagen Airport (or Kastrup Airport) and the statues you see leaning towards the railing ensure that we all stay calm when messing around with the liquid rules in the security control.


  1. I was at Gatwick Airport recently and wondered about taking photos. I thought I might cause a security breach or something. The rules are so tight here.

    The statues look like fun.

  2. Better make sure you don't have anything over 100ml in your carry-on.

    I know the rule it's frustrating but I think it's for the public's good.

  3. You are probably right that photographing in the airport should be done with care, but Copenhagen Airport is beautiful.

    Whether the 100 ml rule is for the public's good I shall refrain from commenting on here :) (I try to make this blog non-political)